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VARANASI..An early morning rowboat ride along the Ganges riverbank at the ancient holy city of Varanasi (5 min; 37MB)

KHAJURAHO..A close look at the Tantric-influenced eleventh century temples, especially the Khandariya Mahadeva (11 min; 79MB)

ROCK CARVINGS..A collection of ancient temples and other structures, not “constructed,” but hewn from solid rock (9 min; 67MB)

SOUTH INDIA..Featuring some of the great “southern style” temples, with special attention given to the fabulous Brihadishwara Temple in Tanjavur (15 min; 116MB)

HINDUISM IN NEPAL..The beautiful Himalayan nation of Nepal, home to both Hindu and Buddhist traditions  This video will concentrate on the Hindu contribution. (14 min; 105MB)

HINDU BALI..Beautiful Bali, with its own evolved style of Hinduism (18:38 min; 139MB)

ANGKOR..Glorious Angkor, rescued from the decay of long neglect, now restored to much of its thirteenth century beauty (13 min; 99MB)

BOROBUDUR..A truly awesome sight; a large natural hill in Java converted into a gigantic Buddhist stupa in the ninth century  Must be seen to be believed! (9:18 min; 70MB)

THAILAND..A tour of the beautiful and highly ornate expressions of Buddhism in Thailand—shrines, spirit houses, monasteries, wats, and the ubiquitous stupas (23 min; 174.5MB)

TIBET..A tour of the major Buddhist monasteries of Tibet, many now recovered from the violent Red Guards period of the last century  Also the great Potola and Jokhang in Lhasa (32 min; 240.4MB)

CHINA..A tour through many parts of China, visiting a variety of sites important in the history of Buddhism in China—also much of the rich beauty of China itself (22 min; 166MB)

JAPAN..Much the same as said above with regard to China (34 min; 256.5MB)